How We Made Our Scarecrow

On Friday’s we made our scarecrow and Hayley and I were cutting up strips and we cut up blue fabric and had to cut long bits. When we were done that we grabbed two pieces and tied a knot and put on the scarecrow. Then we put the scarecrow and it was looking cool we put the helmet on the made out of pots and if you would like to go see it you can go to the community garden.

Building our Scarecrow

On the day that we started building our scarecrow for the annual scarecrow competition in the community garden, Mrs Morgan got us into two groups. One group was inside the class cutting fabric up into strips and the other group was outside with Nicole cleaning the pots and putting the pipes together for the body. I was in the group outside, me and daisy were cleaning the pots together and that was really fun. Then Nicole got us to gather up so we could put the pots on the body. After that everyone got together in front of the scarecrow and we took a picture.

3Ms Scarecrow

On Friday 3M started making their scarecrow. Daisy`s mum and Dad stuck some pipes together with some super DANGEROUS! glue to make a scarecrow body. We put pots on too then we cut up some materials and tied them so that when the wind blows they will wave. At the top there  is a little wind mill.

Making our scarecrow

Everyone had fun making the scarecrow especially the people who brought the clothes because it was  fun cutting their cloths. It was Daisy’s idea to get this hard card board out  of the trash and make a scarecrow out of card board and it worked very well. The fun bit was cutting the clothes and it was really hard but it was still pretty fun and the other fun part was tie the same of the clothes on the buckets what the other people made on the scarecrow.  It looked great with the buckets and the knots. After we finished the scarecrow we all took a picture of it in the shade and they put our scarecrow right in the entrance of the community garden so people would see that scarecrow first and they would think it would be one of the best scarecrows.


By Tom