Gardening with Andy and Nicole


On the 24th of July Haley and I got picked to work in the new garden. We learnt how to garden with Andy, he did a example of what to do. We got to pick what plant we wanted, so when we were done with one plant we went and did anther and planted it. When we were finished we packed up and went back to class. We both had so much fun cause Andy and Nicole were my Mum and Dad.

Grade 3 Invention Expo


All the grade 3s made inventions that will make our life easier.We had an expo and invited our family members to come and see our inventions we made. It was really fun and my invention was the Fly Phone.All I had to do was improve an ordinary phone into a brand new  and improved Fly Phone. It was not hard to make because my one  was simple.

3M’s Harmony Day Poster

IMG_0108IMG_0129 IMG_0127

Daisy and Regan painted our Harmony Day canvas.

Daisy: The students of Grade 3 M shared their ideas with the class and Regan and I got to sketch the pictures on the canvas.

Regan: We copied the pictures from some students’ books then we got to paint them.

Daisy: It was a fun experience to paint a Harmony Day canvas to represent our class at the Harmony Day parade. It was also fun to have our buddies with us on the day.

Reagan: It was really fun to paint the poster. When we finished we were really proud and relieved. It took a lot of time to paint the pictures.



The Stars of 3m

The first day in Grade 3M.                                   Chinese New Year


Dan the Paramedic demonstrated bandaging wounds.


Enjoying Harmony Day.