Book Character Dress Up Day

On the 28 of August it was Book Character Dress Up Day I was Susan from Narnia I am reading the book  still because there is 7 series of it. You can watch the movie but there is not a movie for all of them only some of them . There is a prize for who is the best dressed in each class but I don’t think it will be me. My mum and Grandma helped me make my costume.

3/4 Camp

When we went to the 3/4 camp we did lots of activities. We did the giant swing, flying  fox, photo hunt, team rescue, low ropes, archery, canoeing ,and camp cooking. When I did the giant swing I went 6 metres and 1 boy went to the top. 4 girls went to the top of the giant swing. I had the best time at camp.

Grade 3 Invention Expo


All the grade 3s made inventions that will make our life easier.We had an expo and invited our family members to come and see our inventions we made. It was really fun and my invention was the Fly Phone.All I had to do was improve an ordinary phone into a brand new  and improved Fly Phone. It was not hard to make because my one  was simple.

The Stars of 3m

The first day in Grade 3M.                                   Chinese New Year


Dan the Paramedic demonstrated bandaging wounds.


Enjoying Harmony Day.