How we built the Scarecrow

Grade 3M started to build the scarecrow out of pipes, pots and cut up strips of clothing and fabric.

First we put the pots on the pipes while inside some of the grade were cutting clothing and fabric into strips.Then we had to tie 2 pieces of fabric together. I had lots of fun.

Hands on Science Incursion

IMG_1021 On Tuesday the 24th of November grade 3M went to the flexi room for our science incursion.

 My class learnt about heat and energy.

We met Charlie and he taught us all about science and how things work. For the first experiment we did were with real scientist thermomerter to see which one would stay hottest. It was wool, tin foil or bubble wrap. The answer was bubble wrap. I had amazing fun.

Garden Excursion

On the 28th 0f October  some grade 3/4/5/6’s went to the Cranbourne  Botanic  Gardens  it was a long ride but it was worth it. The gardens were amazing when we got out we saw a wallaby too! We got split into many groups. My group started with worm farming , Chelsi and I went in a group of two and found worms in a dirt pile. then we planted plants called golden button and the scientific name for it is Chrysocephalum. After that we made sculptures out of red sand rocks and other things. We saw a snake sun baking too! After that we were allowed in the water.

Footy Clinic

On Friday the 31st of July grade 3M had Footy Clinics. It was Freezing! My group had to  hand pass the ball to one of the teachers and then run into a punching thing. After that we ran and took out a boxing thing,  I had 5 teachers. We played fruit salad and octopus . It was really fun. It nearly rained. After the footy clinic my hand hurt because of hand balling. I had an amazing day!