How We Made The Scarecrow

On Friday the 11th of December Berwick lodge is having a twilight picnic where there is a scarecrow competition.  Where all the parents vote for the best scarecrow. Who will win. We made the scarecrow with pots, bamboo and ribbon. We put the bamboo together then we put the pots on then we tied the ribbon on. And that how we made the scarecrow.

Hands on Science


On Tuesday the 24 of November grade 3M had a science program. When we went in the teacher said his name was Charlie. The first activity was with a thermometer and there was hot water we put the thermometer in the hot water then the red liquid was rising up. After 2 minutes started to go down.

But my favourite  experiment was the one where you have to add baking sodas and citric acid and some water it started to mix up and when you put it up to your ear it made a fizzy sound. Then we went out for lunch. It was lots of fun.

Invention Expo


On the 26th of June we had an expo and I made a Candy Bottle. It was very intresting what our friends made. We all had a piece of paper so people could comment on inventions. People said amazing things about our projects. We took 3 weeks to make our inventions and it was very hard to make them. We did our best. IMG_0495 Here are some of our inventions: IMG_0498 IMG_0499 IMG_0500 IMG_0501