Hands On Science

IMG_1004IMG_0998On the 24 of November 2015 Grad 3M went to Hands On Science. We listened to Charlie the Science teacher. The first thing that we did was the thermometer. We tested how hot the water was in 3 tubes. 1 has bubble wrap, tin foil, and wool. We get the thermometer and pot it in the tube. Then we sat on the floor And then we did the experiment with the two cups we put two drops of red dye and see if the cold or hot cup spreads faster.

science Incursion

On Tuesday the 24th of November we had Hands on Science.  We went to the flexi room. We then all sat on the floor and listened to Charlie. My favourite activity was when we got a zip bag and we put some baking soda and citric inside. We put two tea spoons in the zip bag and added water and we closed it very fast then it started bubbling. After a couple of minutes it stopped . It looked like plain water AND it was a very fun activity to do.

By Briani

Hands On Science


On the 24th of November grade 3M had Hands On Science we did 5 experiments but I am only writing about 2.  Charlie  was very nice and helpful he taught us science experiments. First up we had a experiment wich was a temperature test to see if one of the categories would cool down faster the categories were Wool, bubble wrap and foil we poured in hot water and waited till it cooled down. The bubble wrap cooled down faster. The next experiment was the cup one we had two cups one hot water and one cold we put red dye in both cups and waited. The hot water spread around quicker.

Hands on science.

On Tuesday the 24th of November 2015, 3M went to the Hands on Science Workshop. We did four experiments . The first experiment was, using a themomerter. Next we used baking powder and citric acid to make bubbly sounds and a gas. We than got two cups to put hot water in one and cold water in the other.

Than we put food dye in both of them so we could see which one would will go to the bottom first IMG_1016IMG_1015

and the first one was the hot water. The last thing we did was we got a candle and had wire to put a little windmill and the fire on the candle made it spin that was it.

Hands on Science


On Tuesday the 24 of November grade 3M had a science program. When we went in the teacher said his name was Charlie. The first activity was with a thermometer and there was hot water we put the thermometer in the hot water then the red liquid was rising up. After 2 minutes started to go down.

But my favourite  experiment was the one where you have to add baking sodas and citric acid and some water it started to mix up and when you put it up to your ear it made a fizzy sound. Then we went out for lunch. It was lots of fun.

Hands On Science

IMG_0972On Tuesday the 24th of November 3m had hands on science. The scientist was called Charlie. It was fun. The first activity was with a the thermometer and there was hot water. Ours was 52 degrees. But my favourite activity had baking soda  and citric acid and some water in and when we close the bag and it explodes and after about ten seconds later Noah said, “this is so cold”.

Hands On Science



On Tuesday 24th November someone came to our school to teach all the grades some science about heat. The man was called Charlie. He was a scientist so he would have known a lot about science. The best experiment was the one where we used a candle to make a wind mill go round and round. Also there  were two experiments that the class could not do and they were where  Charlie put two chemicals together and it created a flame and the other one was where he used something that blew hot air and it made a plastic bag fly.

Hands on Science Incursion

IMG_1021 On Tuesday the 24th of November grade 3M went to the flexi room for our science incursion.

 My class learnt about heat and energy.

We met Charlie and he taught us all about science and how things work. For the first experiment we did were with real scientist thermomerter to see which one would stay hottest. It was wool, tin foil or bubble wrap. The answer was bubble wrap. I had amazing fun.