Garden Club

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On Wednesday 28th October most of the garden club children got to go on a  excursion  and me and some of my friends were lucky enough to go. We went to Cranbourne gardens. When we got there we had our snacks and then we went to do some activities. First we went to a place that was all sandy and we went into groups of four and we got to create our own Australian garden. The grownups took pictures of them. Unfortunately we hat to take them apart so that the others could have a go. Next we went to see some worms at a worm farm and we got to hold the worms but I didn’t want to because I am scared of worms. Also a few of my friends got worm pee on them. I learnt that the rings on the worms have baby worms in them. Next we each planted a special flower called a Golden Button and we are going to plant them around the outside in the new garden by the Ber building.

Garden Excursion

On  Wednesday the 28th of October 47 people of the Garden Club went to Cranbourne Botanical  Gardens and it was so fun. The first thing we did was eat our snack. Next when we were all finished we split into groups and went off with our teacher which was two  groups. After that we went to make a red sand garden and we got to use different stuff like rocks, sticks and more things like that. A while after that we saw a snake in a log after that we went for a wonder around the gardens. I found a sand pit after a while we came back to the log where the snake was. And there was stepping bridges and we went along the path and we wonderd  around and came back to have lunch and then we were allowed to splash in the water.


Garden Excursion

On the 28th 0f October  some grade 3/4/5/6’s went to the Cranbourne  Botanic  Gardens  it was a long ride but it was worth it. The gardens were amazing when we got out we saw a wallaby too! We got split into many groups. My group started with worm farming , Chelsi and I went in a group of two and found worms in a dirt pile. then we planted plants called golden button and the scientific name for it is Chrysocephalum. After that we made sculptures out of red sand rocks and other things. We saw a snake sun baking too! After that we were allowed in the water.

The Cranbourne Gardens

On Wednesday, some of the garden club went to the Cranbourne Gardens. We went by bus and I sat next to Chelsea, and when we got there we saw a fauna and it looked cute. Then we got put into groups and we did different activities and first my group planted some golden buttons and we are now going to plant them in our eco garden. After that we went on a walk to the worm farm and we got to hold a worm it was slimy! I had a great time

P.S my dad was there too!

Daniel Morcombe Day

on the 23rd of October we celebrated Daniel Morcombe Day  even though its actually on today the 30th. On the day we all wore red. Daniel Morcombe Day is celebrated by the Daniel Morcombe Foundation to keep kids safe. In the morning in I.C.T we watched some videos on being safe then in the afternoon we met our buddies on the basketball court with a balloon. Before we released the balloons the school captains said a speech about the Daniel Morcombe Foundation then we released the balloons up into the sky and watched them fly off.

Daniel Morecombe day

We all had fun on the Safety Day. We did a gold coin donation and everyone had to wear red to celebrate it. All the grade 3s and our buddies went to the basketball court to talk all about the day and we brought a lot of red balloons and we let go of all of them and it was very cool. The day was on Friday last week and I dressed up in a  red Nike t-shirt and blue shorts.