Book Character Dress Up Day

On the 28 of August it was Book Character Dress Up Day I was Susan from Narnia I am reading the book  still because there is 7 series of it. You can watch the movie but there is not a movie for all of them only some of them . There is a prize for who is the best dressed in each class but I don’t think it will be me. My mum and Grandma helped me make my costume.

book character dress up day

On the 28th of August it was book character dress up day we all dressed up as our favourite book characters everyone looked great .On that day our buddies come over and read a book to us unfortunately my buddy was not there so I join in with someone else what was still fun. I enjoyed my day aswell as everyone else.

Book character dress up day

On book character day everyone gets to dress up as their favourite book character. I dressed up as Tom Gates. We all gave a gold coin donation. Everyone had fantastic costumes whoever got the best costume gets  a smiggle pencil. I think my grade had the best costumes in the school. All my friends were dressed up really well especially Justin dressed up as Willy Wonka. Everyone had a wonderful day . When it was snack and lunch everyone has to dress up as costumes because everyone would wont to see all there wonderful costumes.


By Tom

Book character Dress Up Day

On Book Character Day which everyone had to try to dress up as their favourite character from a book. I came as Cristiano Ronaldo from Real Madrid and Cristiano Ronaldo is from Time Out. I love the book because it is about soccer and it has my favourite soccer player in it which is Cristiano Ronaldo also it is so entertaining. There is still time in the day which I think is going to be a really fun time and by the way the way the way I got my Cristiano Ronaldo t-shirt was I went to my friend Tom’s house and he gave me it.                                                                                                                                                                                                            By Noah

Book character dress up day

On Friday the 28th of August the whole Berwick lodge primary school had a book character day and we all dressed up in our favourite character I came as Alice from the Wonderland. No one else is dressed up in Alice in my class and my enemy is the queen of hearts and she is in my class. And it is awesome I love my costume because my mum made it. First what she did is that she found some patterns and picked the pattern b. Then she traced it with a black marker and cut it out. Next she took about only bit by bit of materials to make the dress and she put together. After that she put the puffy sleeves on and put them on she mad the apron  put the hearts on and made some big long strips for the apron  to fit around me and it was done.