Book Character Dress Up Day

On the 28th of August it was Book Character Dress Up  Day. Everyone got to dress up in their favourite book characters. Everyone brought in a gold coin donation. On the day I dressed up as Puss In Boots but I had sneakers and a skirt on so I was Puss In Sneakers and I was a girl version. The person in the best dress will win a smiggle  award. I hope I win.



Everyone’s costumes look great so it will be hard to win.

By Regan

Book Character Dress Up Day

To celebrate Book Week, we dressed up as our favourite book character. Everyone looked amazing. There were some very creative costumes. Our Grade 5 buddies visited us and read their favourite picture book to us. They also helped us with our Book Character activity sheet. We all brought in a gold coin donation to help purchase more books for our library. IMG_0721IMG_0723 IMG_0685 IMG_0688 IMG_0689IMG_0716IMG_0678IMG_0725 (2) IMG_0727 (2) IMG_0730

3/4 Camp

When we went to the 3/4 camp we did lots of activities. We did the giant swing, flying  fox, photo hunt, team rescue, low ropes, archery, canoeing ,and camp cooking. When I did the giant swing I went 6 metres and 1 boy went to the top. 4 girls went to the top of the giant swing. I had the best time at camp.

Grade 3/4 Camp

On Monday the 10th of August the three fours went to Phillip island Adventure Resort camp. First we went to eat our lunch then one of the staff came and said a few thing about  the resort. Next we went into  our rooms . Briani, Audrey and Hayley was in my cabin.  After we settled in our rooms we went straight to the activities . There was the giant swing, flying fox, camp cooking, team rescue, archery, low ropes [rope course], a walk to Smiths beach and a photo hunt . It was awesome.

Grade 3/4 Camp

On Monday the 10th of August the grade threes went to Phillip Island Adventure Resort for grade three/ four camp. We did lots of fun activities including giant swing, flying fox, camp cooking, low ropes, obstacle course, archery, a walk to Smiths Beach and much, much more. Then on Wenseday the 12th of August we had to go it was sad to leave but we had to.


3/4 camp

When we went on our  3/4 camp this week, we did a lot  of activities like, the giant swing, archery, flying fox, photo hunt, low ropes, team rescue, canoeing, and camp cooking.  My favourite activity was canoeing.  It was fun because we had a race to a floating red tank on the water and back to the pier and then we got our canoe on  the pier.

My Tasmanian Holiday


On Saturday the 1st of August I went to Tasmania by plane. When we got there we hired a car. When we were driving I got a little car sick but we went to a service station, then we drove off to Hobart. When we got to Hobart we went to the Salamanca market we bought a few things then checked in. One of the highlights was the zoo where there were wombats, wallabies, donkeys and capuchin monkeys.

When we drove around we saw a lot of snow so we pulled over and made a snowman. When we were there we had a great time. When we were finished playing in the snow we went to the Monkey Island. We saw a lot of monkeys. Heaps of them were fighting but the best highlight was being with my family.

Footy Clinic

On Friday the 24th of July we had a footy clinic.We played some games. The first game was tags next we practised handballs. At the end we went back to class. The next week we practised kicking and marking the ball and  Maddie won the game. At the end we played tags and it was a tie.

Footy Clinic

On the 31 st of July grade 3M had footy clinic. We got split into groups and I was with my friends. We played a game which you had to try to collect the most sashes and the game was called tags. After  that we played another game how there was to teams and you had to kick the ball to the other square and the closet person to the football was out. Also if you marked it the person who kicked the ball was out. I was out 3 times.