On the 24th of July Daisy and I got picked to do some gardening in the new garden. Andy showed us how to do it. Then we got started. Some parts were hard. I got lots of the hard bits and I got to do a wide plant. It was so fun and I want to do it again.

Gardening with Andy and Nicole


On the 24th of July Haley and I got picked to work in the new garden. We learnt how to garden with Andy, he did a example of what to do. We got to pick what plant we wanted, so when we were done with one plant we went and did anther and planted it. When we were finished we packed up and went back to class. We both had so much fun cause Andy and Nicole were my Mum and Dad.

Tom’s Expo

My invention was a football which is called the Spectacular Football. It has 3 buttons that do cool stuff. One of the buttons makes the ball to go to the right, the other button is for the kick to be a drop punt and the other button makes the ball kick straight. You have to at least press a button to kick the ball. Its made out of paper and cardboard and it is size number 3.  The fire comes out when you kick a goal.

Invention Expo


On the 26th of June we had an expo and I made a Candy Bottle. It was very intresting what our friends made. We all had a piece of paper so people could comment on inventions. People said amazing things about our projects. We took 3 weeks to make our inventions and it was very hard to make them. We did our best. IMG_0495 Here are some of our inventions: IMG_0498 IMG_0499 IMG_0500 IMG_0501


Invention Expo

IMG_0521The grade threes had an  Invention Expo at the end of last term. Before we had the expo, I spent a lot of time preparing my invention. My invention was a radio with a TV on the back. Also it had a hand print password. I called it a Teevio. I made it out of a big box and paper to cover it up. Then we had to make sure that our description and tags were finished and ready for the expo. On the big day lots of people came to look and comment.


Grade 3 Inventions Expo


We had an inventions expo about M.L.E (making life easier) on the 26th of June. We all made inventions which would help people. My invention was a Hover Chair A.K.A high sky chair. My invention helps people who are in crutches or a wheel chair. My Hover Chair can fly and you can use it as a normal house chair by turning the sound waves off. Not just to help people that can’t walk but you can use it to just be lazy or for fun and you can even recline back. When you’re flying for safety reasons there’s a seat belt and safety buckle so that you don’t fall off. It moves with joysticks and levers.

Grade 3 Invention Expo


All the grade 3s made inventions that will make our life easier.We had an expo and invited our family members to come and see our inventions we made. It was really fun and my invention was the Fly Phone.All I had to do was improve an ordinary phone into a brand new  and improved Fly Phone. It was not hard to make because my one  was simple.