Grade 6 Highlights

I have achieved many things in my last year of primary school but that’s not what I’m going to write about, what I’m going to talk about is all of my favourite things I’ve taken part in this year.

*Grade 5/6 City Camp

*Taking part in district, divisional and regional athletics

*Taking part in district swimming

* Grade 5/6 Film Festival

* Lightning Premiership or just interschool sports in general

* Radio Show

* Panelling for Radio show

* The ‘making’ part of Kidpreneur

* I assume Graduation will right up there in my favourites.

I assume there is quite a lot more things I did this year but I can’t remember them.IMG_3013

Highlights Of Grade 6

Hi my name Nick, I attend Berwick Lodge Primary School and I am in grade 6M. I’m going to tell you a few highlights that have stood out over this year. First was definitely the CYC City Camp. We got to walk around the city and visited all of the famous landmarks of our great city. Second was the great Film Festival, I got the chance to act as one of the lead roles in our great film called “Pushed To The Limit”. I ended up getting the trophy for the film but the whole class put in a great effort to make a great movie. Third was our Radio Show I got the chance to be the captain of our group that was called the “All-Star Sixes”. The group worked great, as we  pulled off a great radio show.

Highlights of the Year

I have had such an amazing year this year. I’ve been with friends, Sport Captain, I’ve had an awesome teacher, Radio Show, Film Festival, but my most favourite part of the year would have to be Somers Camp. It was a 9 day camp in Somers, right next to the beach. We got to do so many fun activities such as surfing, ab sailing, High and low ropes courses, rock climbing, Bike Ed, Giant Swing and so much more. I made so many new friends that I still keep in touch with and had a chance to meet new people from other schools. The camp was so accommodating and everyone was so kind. It was a once in a life time opportunity and I’m so pleased I had the pleasure of participating in it.