Lego Robocup Junior Rescue Nationals

On the 26th to the 28th of September was the National Lego Robocup Junior. The competition was in Queensland and was held at Queensland University. Josh, Kav, Kyle and I were the competitors from our school, Josh Blake and I went to compete under the team name [INSERT NAME HERE] and Kyle and Kav went under the team name EV3READY. When we arrived at Queensland University, we practiced and tweaked the robot a bit, until the competition started.

Our first round was really good, we got a perfect score and a reasonable time.

Our second round was like our first round, we also had a perfect score and a good time.

Our third round was another round with a perfect score.

Our fourth, and worst round, had a decline, we had tried declines before, but we couldn’t do this decline as there wasn’t enough of a line to follow. So we had to use our Drop-Zone and only got a few points

Our fifth and final round was reasonably good. We had the decline tile we couldn’t  do, so we Drop-Zoned after the tile, we couldn’t do, and then tried to complete the tiles before the tile, but the rubber on the tire fell off and we couldn’t complete a few tiles.