Film Festival 2014

Yesterday night, on the 15th of September, all of the grade 5’s and 6’s got the chance to go to the Berwick Lodge Film Festival that we hold every year. This event is to show all the kids and their parents the films that they have edited, filmed or acted in. It is held at the Drum Theatre in Dandenong around the time of the end of term 3. All the kids and parent have to purchase tickets from the Drum Theatre’s website to get in.

Our grade, 6m, made two, 5 minute films to show. One of them was called Don’t Worry, which is a film the us kids made, about kids that are anxious and worried about events in their lives, (e.g.; Wakakirri performance, a Lego Robotics trip to Sydney and a grade 7 transition). I did not star in that film but I did do some of the filming; however in our other film I did have a little part, as it was my “fake birthday”, the name of the film was called Pushed to the Limit, I was also one of the editors and the filmer for this film.

Now back to the day of the Film Festival; I arrived with my mum, dad, grandma, Sam, his dad (Allen) and his mum (Michelle). I was wearing a pair black jeans, my dark maroon vans, my newly bought and only shirt, which was kind of dark grey, a black tie and nice looking black blazer. As Sam and I walked in there was a blinding mass of flashes from all the pictures being taken. As we continued down the red carpet together, I found myself being taken off to get a picture with my mum and dad.

I met a lot of my school friends along with their parents on the way to the doors of the actual theatre. Once in the theatre Mrs Naismith got up on stage and introduced us to the four school captains who had a speech prepared for us all explaining about the night. After that, Mr Grossak talked about all the previous film festivals (one of them including my older brothers film festival).

Finally the actual films started; it was Mr Kelly’s first, and, of course, it was of outstanding quality. Pushed to the Limit was fourth. It was just amazing seeing all of your hard work and effort, finished on the big screen, (because of course, I am one of the two editors for ‘Pushed to the Limit’).

After all the films had finished we made our way out of the theatre and into the foyer where we all (mostly just all the parents) chatted for a while before continuing to the car for the drive home!

Divisional Athletics

On the 15th of August, 12 of Berwick Lodge’s students went to the Divisional Athletics Carnival. I arrived at school at 7:50. When the bus came it was about 8:00. We arrived at the carnival at 9:00 because we had to pick up the other schools well. The events I was in was 100m sprints and hurdles. I first went to hurdles, the girl who won the last race was there. I was starting to get nervous, when the gun shot went off, I sprinted my heart out. Then I reached the finish line. I came 2nd! I made it to regionals. My next event was 100m sprints. As I was waiting in line, I made a friend, she said that she came first in her school and 1st in district, now that got me scared. After I ran, I wasn’t sure what I came, so I asked one of the teachers and he said I came 2nd. Which means I made it to regionals first.

At the end of the day Erin, Tom, Kayla and I made it through to regionals. Best of luck to you guys!

Film Festival Report

On the Monday the 15th of September, it was one of the highlights for the grade 5/6′s calendar. Of course I’m talking about… Film Festival!

Film Festival is held once a year for the entire grade 5s and 6s to attend (if they buy tickets), it is held at the Drum Theatre in Dandenong, at the end of Term 3. It’s a fabulous night to go to, as you get to see all films the grade 5s and 6s have been working so hard on, for the past term. You get to dress up in semi-formal dress ware, walk down a red carpet and you even get your photo taken by a ‘paparazzi’ (Miss Tan). If your class teacher thinks your good enough, you get an award, a Lodgie Award, but if your teacher thinks you deserve an honourable mention, you get a certificate.

6M, my grade, made to films, one titled Pushed to the Limit, it was about a boy, named Max, he was being bullied by Nick, saying he was fast and couldn’t win a race, so Max decided to beat Nick by ‘pushing himself to the limit’. The other movie was called Don’t Worry, I starred in this movie, Don’t Worry was about three different scenarios where some children who were worried and about how they got over their fears, the three scenes where Lego Robotics, Wakakirri and Year 7 transition. I was in the Lego Robotics scene and I played myself.

When my family and I arrived at the Drum Theatre, I walked down the red carpet, got my picture taken by the ‘paparazzi’, even my dad got a photo with me, but my mum refused to get her photo taken. Then I waited around until we got seated, we were in Row F, when we were seated, our School Captains made a speech, then Mr Grossek also said a few words, then we got to watch all the grade 5’s and 6’s films, all of them were unbelievable and amazing. Then came the awards, Mrs Naismith said 6M’s award winners were… Cathryn, Eric, Tom and Nick. I couldn’t believe it I had won an award! I went up to collect it. Then we had the certificate winners. After that we got to leave the theatre.

It was a spectacular night, this film festival was better than the last.

Film Festival

Yesterday night, the 15th of September, Berwick Lodge Primary School held a special event called the Film Festival at the Drum Theatre. The Film Festival is where year 5/6’s make movies reaching between 4-5 minutes long. Each grade makes two movies or one 10 minute movie. My grade, 6M, presented two 5 minute movies called ‘Don’t Worry’ and ‘ Pushed to the Limit’. I was the editor for Don’t Worry. Don’t worry is a movie about overcoming your fears and anxieties. And Pushed to the Limit was about trying your hardest to reach your goal.
When I entered there was a red carpet and everyone was wearing glamorous outfits. I walked to the end and had my photo taken. AT 7.00 pm, We entered the theatre. A few people spoke at the front to start things off and then the first movie was introduced. At the end there is an award ceremony which we at Berwick Lodge call, The Lodgie Awards. I was lucky enough to be one of the four people from our class to win a trophy which I was really happy about.


I hope BLPS continue to hold the Film Festival in the future.

On My Weekend

On my weekend I went to Sasha’s House and we bounced on the trampoline and had a blast after that we went to Harvey Norman and we stayed there for 1 hour Sasha and I were playing hide and seek it was so much fun then we went in one of those vibrating chairs and they were so fun after the hour went by I had to go home and I was so tired out. The next day was Sunday and my family were coming over and my mum said ‘we have to have the house spotless’ so we had to do a lot of cleaning and for lunch we had hotdogs.In the evening my mum thought it would be a good idea to go for a walk I thought that was a good  idea. for dinner we had pasta that was yummy.

Lego Robocup Junior Rescue State

On the 29th of August, Josh, Kav, Kyle and I, went to Wilson Hall, at Melbourne University, to compete in the Lego Robocup Junior Rescue. Josh and I made up the team [INSERT NAME HERE] and Kav and Kyle made up the other Berwick Lodge team, EV3READY. Josh and I came by train to the venue. When we met with Kyle and Kav, got out lanyards and headed for our table to set up and prepare, after our set up we had a few test runs and tweaked the robot.

Our first round was OK, but for some reason, our robot didn’t sense the can. In round 2 we did the course from a drop zone and finished it, we then did the rest of the course from the start and got the maximum amount of points.

Our 3rd round also wasn’t a very good round, we had many complications and couldn’t complete the it.

Our 4th round was OK, we had a few problems which made our robot not able to complete the 4th round.

Our fifth and final round, was our worst, as our programming laptop had a glitch and didn’t save. So we had to rebuild the program in 10 minutes. Unfortunately, but as expected, we didn’t get into the finals, but we came 15th out of 27.

It was a fun day and a great experience.