Film festival

In our grade we are doing two films, we have worked on film 1 the most. I wouldn’t want to tell you though cause that would be spoilers! But I can tell that our film is going to be awesome. My character is one of the main character’s friend. For some of our scenes we have had to on the oval which is still wet and muddy.

Our second films is 3 scenes joined together into one film. We have a wakakirri scene, a robotics scene and a year 7 transition scene. I don’t not play a roll main roll in this film, I’m a person in the background.  cant wait until the film festival starts on the 15th of September at drum theatre.

Wonderful Wednesdays

On Wednesday every week, we have a special activity called Wonderful Wednesdays for the grade 3’s, 4’s 5’s and 6’s. You get to chose four prefrences of activities you would like to do. For example, My activity is film making, I chose film making as my second preference. In film making you have to create a film with a small group. There are other activities like gardening, cooking( my first preference), lego/robotics and much more.

Film Festival!

Right now we are filming film 1 and it is going great! I am not going to say what it’s about because someone from our school might be reading this and I don’t want to spoil it so I am just going to say the topic……………….. SPORT!!!

I am in film 2 and it has many topics/scenes like Wakikirri, Robotics, and year 7 Transition. I am in the Wakikirri Scene because I am in Wakikirri.

We haven’t started Filming the second film but I can’t wait until we do!

house athletics

On Monday July 2014 some of the school participated in house athletics. It was early in the morning and I was straight up in high jump. As soon as we were all warmed up and it was time to go.  Eventually it came to my jump, feeling anxious, I took a long run up a made the bar. I  passed the next three, but then it got up to 1.40m and unfortunately I did not pass. Congratulations to Jacob for winning.

I also competed in the 100 meter sprint. I was up first. I went to the starting line and BANG the gun went. We were running as fast as we could it was neck to neck with me and Tom, so close to the end Tom just beat me. Great effort on Tom’s part-well done! Finally  I made it into 800m sprint. All that matters is that we all tried our best. Good job if you participated.