‘That was a Great Adventure’ By Tom

A while ago; maybe 3 years, there were two brothers, the older one, Tom, the younger, George. Their mum, Jolene, was quite an easy going mum but can be strict when needed.

It was a Friday afternoon, (they had a day off school), when their mum asked them if they wouldn’t mind cleaning up the attic a bit, and of course, because they were both reasonably good kids, they agreed. They got up there and gasped! “there’s sooo much stuff to clean” sighed George “Well at least we might find some cool stuff” replied Tom “Like that one!’ George looked around to where Tom was pointing. They were both now looking at a very rusted and old looking pot, that was a sort of reddish- maroon shade. It was plain except for the words reading, ‘The Pot of Places’. “Wow!” they both said at nearly the exact same time.

“Hey why don’t we rub it, might be a genie inside” Tom joked. “Hahaha” snorted George “Go on then, touch it.” At that very moment Tom strolled up to the old pot and poked it, (kinda roughly too). “Hmm, nothing happ-aghh!” and right in the middle of Tom’s sentence, the room that they were in started spinning and shaking, then with a small ‘pop’ they vanished out of the room! ‘Bang’, ‘crash’, ‘ouch’, ‘ooo’, and with a loud THUD they landed on what felt like sand! But that was impossible, they couldn’t, how!

“Ouch, my face hurts” wined George. “What just happened!?” Tom questioned himself, ignoring George, whilst getting up and wiping himself of cold, wet sand. “Hmm, looks like we might be on an island somewhere” Tom thought out loud. “But how did we get here?” George asked. “Well the only explanation would be that it was the rusty, old pot we found. It did say ‘The Pot of Places’ on the face of it”. replied Tom “Wow, I just had a thought, maybe if you touch it, it takes you places”. “Oh yeah, it even has it in the name!” said George sillily. Tom ignored. “Hey Tom, look over there!” yelled George excitedly, finally getting up, “The pot, it’s over here! Oh yay, we’re saved! All we have to do now is touch it again and we will be home, safe!” They both ran over to touch the pot, 3… 2… 1…, both of them poked the pot, but nothing happened. The happy expressions on their faces turned to sad, dull ones “Why didn’t it work” asked George “I don’t know” replied Tom as he rolled the pot over, as though he was inspecting it, “wait a minute, it says something on the other side.”

‘Who ever or what ever touches this pot with bare hands will be transported to a random place in the world, but the only way to get back to where you touched it in the first place, you will have to say this rhyme:

Roses are red, violets are blue, please send me back to where I first touched you.

“OK then, sounds pretty easy” said George. “Yes, but maybe a but tooo easy” replied Tom frowning. “Anyway, you ready” continued Tom “Yep, I think it’s time we get home now” replied George. So at the same time they sung the rhyme, and right as they finished another little ‘pop’, like the first one could be heard. Just as they landed back in the attic, their mum called out “you’ve been awfully quiet up there, it was almost as you were gone!”

“Haha, you’ll never know!” they replied in sync.

CYC City Camp

On Wednesday the 28th of May 2014 we went to camp.When we got to the city we went to go and find a park so we could sit down and eat our snack.Our first activity was going to the Immigration Museum, I was very excited. The Immigration Museum was about history and people moving to Australia, becasue something has happen to their country or a natural disaster has a occured and they think Australia is a better enviorment for them, I now know lots of information about immagrants.Our second activity for the day was the cruise on the Yarra River, we saw many famous landmarks like Federation Square, the MCG, ACMI, the Botanical Gardens and many others, when we got back to our accommodation, we walked to the common room and the staff were telling us about the rules and what happens when we have an emergancy. Finally we got to go to our rooms, I was super excited, in my room there was Cathryn, Olivia, Yasmin, Tarquin and myself. The parents across from us were saying you have one of the biggest rooms and we felt very luxurious. After when we settled in, the time went to quickly and we had to go and eat dinner. For dinner we had chicken and vegtables and patotos, it was delicious.When we finished we went to Crown and went bowling, I had so much fun there, then we went back to our accommodation and went to bed.

My Weekend

On the 31st of May and the 1st of June was, as most of you know, the weekend. On the Friday night I slept over at my friend Zac’s house and all we did was play Minecraft and a really cool Star Wars game he bought, we also watched some J.A.F.F.A Quest YouTube videos by the comedy team Yogscast, who are some of the funniest youtubers I have ever seen!

The next day Zac and I did the same thing as the day before until 2:00PM or so, and when my Mum came to pick me up it was 3:00PM. When we got home we planned to go for a bike ride but it was a little too late by the time we arrived home so we decided to go the next day.

The next day Mum and myself decided to cancel the bike ride because it was raining a lot, so I just played Minecraft and played with my Lego. The day was very boring, but it would have been much more lively if I got too go on that bike ride!

I had a really fun but uneventful weekend and I had a good time!

On My Weekend!

On Saturday I went to basketball at 12:00pm, we got to Dandenong stadium and I went to court 8.  The ball went up in the air and my friend Cooper hit it straight to me. We got the ball and scored, in the end there was 4 seconds left and the game was tied at 20-20. Michael gave it to me from the side line I faked the shot and 3 seconds left and then I shot and it went in on the buzzer, and everyone was screaming and they all jumped on me. At the end of the game I went to my friend Michael with Cooper and we had a bonfire at the farm and all of his mums friends came, it was the best night . I slept at his house on Saturday and went home at 12:30!


Cross Country

A couple of weeks ago we had cross country. It was raining while we ran so it was quite hard for everyone to try their very hardest. In the end I came 14th. Cathryn was just in front of me so she came 13th. I was actually kind of fun, running in the rain so we didn’t get really hot.

CYC City Camp Day 2

On the second day we did a lot of things like the first day. We had breakfast and then had our lunch handed out to us for the day. It was quite a neat system and it meant we didn’t have to go back to the accomadation. The things we did that day were: We sat down at Treasury Gardens and had a little bit of our snack (That was given to us by the clever system.) I ate an apple and cinnamon muffin, which tasted really good. Once we had all settled down, Mrs Morgan, our teacher took us to Parliament House, where we learnt about what goes on in Parliament House. When a Backbencher speaks not many people show up to the session, but when a leader or some other important person speaks everyone that is meant to be there comes and listens. Also, if the speaker is listening to someone, everyone must enter by the opposite side of the room, because the speaker must have a line of sight with the person that is speaking to the him or her. We also went to the Shrine of Remembrance and we had a tour of it. My favourite part was the eternal flame because of all the memories it holds and the fact that it has only gone out twice and that was when hail covered the gas and when a crazed man put it out with a fire extinguisher. Why he did that I do not know. Well that is the end of this day start looking out for day three.

Grade 6 City Camp Day 1

It all started on Wednesday 28th of May all of the grade sixers of Berwick Lodge Primrary School went to camp in the city. We camped at CYC hotel. When we arrived there we had a quick briefing on what the rules were and we dropped our luggage and went for a walk around the city. We stopped to have a little bit of snack and then headed of to our first activity the Immagration Museum. The Immagration Museum was amazing we got to see why people chose to move to Australia and what they had to endure if they wished to leave their original homes. Once we finished the self-guided tour we exited the museum an found group one. We met them on the Princess Bridge and together we went on a river cruise. It was an awesome cruise with so exciting and beautiful I felt like I was having a dream and I was swimming down the yarra River and we finally finished the cruise went back to our accomadation had a shower and then set off for bowling. We had a great time in my bowling group was Sophie, Lockie, Josh, Levi and I. I had the best time ever.