Radio Show

On the 7th of May  I had my radio show and it was the first group. In are group there was Tom the leader, Sasha, Michelle, Matthew, Levi and me Nethma. We worked so hard on radio show and we got a wonderful radio show at the end. It was fun and also challenging. We had two interviews one with the cricket clinic and another with the parliament guys Mark and David. We also read a book called flood. We also had some segment one of them was, what high school you were going to. Another one was what you did for Easter. The next one was about what things were happing around our school. There were more segments but I couldn’t remember them. We had a great radio show and it was awesome.

Mother’s Day

On Sunday the 11th of May it was Mother’s Day. On Mother’s Day I gave my Mum a box that you can put jewellery in and we went out  for lunch to Slippery Jacks the food was really nice. I had a great time and my Mum did too.

CYC City Camp

On the 28th of May almost all of the Grade 6s are going to CYC City Camp which is in the city (Of course). Apart from just me, my dad, Glenn is coming as a parent helper which I’m really excited about because my dad has been trying to get into my camp since I was in grade 3! When I told him he was going to camp with me, he wouldn’t believe me at first but then I gave him the notice and he was so excited he was jumping up and down (Which was a bit awkward), but he promised not to embarrass me while he we were on camp Ha, Ha, Ha ( I hope he doesn’t. )!!

We are going to many different places like Melbourne Star, The Immigration Museum, Parliament House ect. But i’m really looking forward to going and the Yarra river cruise because I have never been on a cruise before. I am really excited to go in the hotel we are staying in too. I really want to go there and i’m sure a lot of other people do too!!

Grade 6 CYC City Camp

On Wednesday the 28th of May is CAMP! Yay Anyway all of the grade 6’s are going and we get to go on heaps of rides and we even get to go to captain cooks cottage, but before I get into all the fun stuff we get to stay at the C.Y.C.and it is awesome because the hotel is awesome, lets get into the fun stuff and I will tell you what we are doing on camp, we get to go on the almost perfect Melbourne star, we get to go to the very cool river cruise, we also get to visit the one and the only captain cooks cottage and we even get to go to the Melbourne museum. We also get to go to the crown complex for bowling and not for gambling.Yes we actually get to go to the city for camp!!!!! Yay I will post again eventually this year. BYE for now.

CYC City Camp

On the 28th of may all grade 6’s are going on camp. We are going to CYC city camp. We are going to amazing places what are Captain Cook’s cottage, Crown complex bowling, Fedaration sguare, Immagration museum, Melbourne star, ACMI, parliament house and we are going on a river cruise. This camp is going to be the best camp ever.

Radio Show

Two weeks ago I had radio show. In my group there was Chantelle, Charlie, Eric, Cooper, Deegan and of course, me. If you don’t know what Radio Show is, it’s something we do in our school. It gives grade 5/6′s a chance to talk live Radio on our station 97.7 FM Casey Radio Berwick Lodge Student Hour.

This show goes for an hour. In the hour we usually talk about school news, have a few interviews and have a playlist of songs, riffs and ads.

We have two pannelers.  We had Sasha and Tom as our pannelers. It was their first time and they did amazingly well!! Next week will be my second time panneling which I’m really excited for. My panneling buddy is Eric.

We discussed Camp, Kea Cup, Read a book, had two interviews and of course there was music in between segments. The radio show goes from 2.00PM-3.00PM on a Wednesday afternoon.

I really enjoy doing Radio Show and I really hope I will get another chance to do it in the future.

Mothers Day

On Sunday May 11th it was Mother’s day. I started mothers say with a big family breakfast with a lot of food. Then it was present time. I gave my mum a snow globe with a teddy in it, a cookbook diary and a nice woolly jumper. My brother gave her a nail polish set and a mug. She loved her gifts.

Interschool Sports

On Friday the 16th of May we went to maramba primary to play our first game of Interschool sports. Although I did not go to the first game I can tell it was exciting. I play for the soccer team, there is also Football, Netball, T-ball and Kickball. Those are all the winter sports, all the summer sports are Cricket, Basketball, Rounders, Volleyball and Softball. The scores for the soccer team were 4 – 0 in our favour. I believe we won all of the games.

But for all the people who didnt go to the first game had to stay back at school and play some other games. If we play at our school then all the people who dont play can watch all of the ther people playing. I really hope I play in the next game because it sounds really awesome and exciting.