My Holiday!!!

On the first day of my holiday I made some plans to go to my friends house Michael. When I got to his house, the same thing came to our minds, to play basketball . We versed each other in a one on one  battle. We both agreed on first to 10, It was a draw in the end. So the only thing fair was to have a shoot out, he won but it was such an lucky shot! I was staying the night at his and we went to the DVD store and rented Hunger Games Catching Fire. It was really good.

The following week, my family and I went on a trip to the city. We went to a Chinese dumpling restaurant called Huton Dumpling Bar. We had three main courses which were pork dumplings,(my favorite), we had rice and chicken and we had lamb with more rice and a special dressing. Using the chop sticks to eat with, was tricky. We stayed the night in a hotel called The Rialto. The bed was so comfortable.

One last thing which I really enjoyed was spending the day at Dandenong Stadium, playing basketball with my friend Michael. The coaches were called Tony, DQ and John. The coaches were professional basketball players for the Mighty Rangers and they had us doing all kind of fun activities teaching us a range of different basketball skills. It went for six and a half hours! Michael and I were exhausted, but it was so much fun.