District Tennis

On 14th of March, 8 grade 6 students went to Sweeny Reserve to play district tennis those 8 people were Max M, Chantelle, Cathryn, Angus, Max W, Nethma, Tarah and Grace and also the two teachers Dubs and Miss Craig. When we got there, we got called in to the club room. When we went in the told us the fixture. I was playing single so i was on my own. The other people playing singles were Cathryn, Angus and Chantelle. The people playing doubles were Max M and Max W in a team and Grace and Tarah in the other team. In the first game I made a mistake because I thought it was best of six but it was first to six


National Young Leaders Day

On the 24th of February all of Berwick Lodges 2014 captains got to go to National Young Leaders Day. The day started off by going to the Berwick train Station by 6:45am so most people woke at around 6:00am when I got there nobody was there yet. So my mum and I had to wait in the car then 5 minutes later everyone came. We had to line up with are buddy. When everyone was there we went to the platform, we had to wait like only 30 seconds then the train was there then we got on to the train we got to sit down because there were not many people on the train at that time but when we got closer to the city more people hoped on. When we got to the city we hoped of at southern Cross we had a 15 minute walk to the Melbourne Convention  Center. When we got there some of the school were already there. We went inside and we sat in front of door luckly we got inside the auditorium first and we got to sit down on the third row from the front. They started of by some entertainment. Then everyone was so exicted the fist speaker was Mike Martin. He talked about goals and he was also the Director of the some family I can’t remember what the family was called. The second speaker was John Mastin he was a famous author. He talked for a long time. The next speaker was Daniel Flynn he was the maker of thank you water. The next person was Jess Fox she was a famous kayaker. The last person was Kevin Sheedy. He was a afl coach and he played footy we then got on the train and came back to Berwick Station.


Harmony Day

Theme of Harmony Day is ‘everyone belongs’. Harmony Day is meant to be a happy day filled with love and laughter. It’s to celebrate one another with their differences and share happiness and smiles with everyone no matter where they are from.

To celebrate, the whole school sat around the basketball courts with our buddy grades. Most people oar orange or traditional clothes if they had any. The school captains looked really great n their traditional outfit. We watched to awesome regional dances but just a minute in it started drizzling Next was thunder and lightning then the rain got harder.

We went to our buddy grade PS. Ella and I read a story and wrote on mini whiteboards.



Harmony Day

On the 21st of March the whole school got together on the basketball courts with our buddies to celebrate Harmony Day.

Nick, Max, Patrick, Michelle, Hailey and Tom were going to show us a traditional dance on the day but Tom hurt his ankle and Patrick didn’t come on the day so Sasha and I filled in for them and Nick taught us how to do the dance in 10 minutes and he was good at teaching us so we got to know the dance well and we all did a great job of showing it to the whole school. Also we had 6W show the whole school a Bollywood dance and I thought they did a great job. Then it started to poor down with rain and there were very loud thunderstorms and lightning so we went inside our buddy grade and played some games and read some books to our buddies and then we left and that’s what we did on Harmony Day.

Harmony Day

On the 21st of march the whole school went to the basketball for Harmony Day. Before the whole parade I needed to teach Chantelle and Sasha our dance, because Patrick was away and we needed someone to fill in his spot. We practiced our dance, the people in my group are Max, Michelle, Chantelle, Sasha and Hailey.

The parade had started I heard cheers from the crowd and clapping when the 6W boys needed to do there Bollywood. I thought there dance was really good. Miss Cusack called out 6M and I straight away froze. I was really nervous at first but when we got on the stage I was alright. The song was called “Waving Flag” We start by clicking our hands from left to right, Then we stamp our feet and move our arms as if we are playing a drum. We all then raise our hands to the air and then wave them from right to left, we cross our hands and then move them right to left. We all then put our hands behind our backs and move our elbows from right to left. I then do the Usain Bolt celebration while the people beside me put their hands in the air, and then I go to the other side and it’s the same thing. And that is our whole dance.

I thought it was really funny how the thunder went to the beat of our song. And then it started to rain so we needed to get our buddies and go into their class. I wrote a superhero on the white bored and my buddy had to guess it. Harmony Day was really good I would love to do it again.

Harmony Day Dance

Today, Harmony Day, the whole of B.L.P.S. gathered on the basketball court for a parade, of all the children wearing their traditional costumes and if not, just wearing orange. Over the past few weeks, myself and a group have been practicing a cultural dance for the parade on harmony day. The people at the start that were in the dance were Nick, Patrick, Max, Michelle, Hailey and myself; but because of patrick not being there on the day and me having a fractured foot, Sasha and Chantelle filled in. My group danced to the fifa world cup song, Wavin’ Flag, it is an african song sung by an african singer.

IMG_2775Even though Sasha and Chantelle only had about 5 minutes to actully learn the dance, I think it went very well; everyone kept in sync with each other and the song.

Harmony day!


By Michelle

 Today Max, Hailey, Sasha, Chantelle, Nick and I did a performance in the whole entire school for Harmony day. Our dance was South African based. Our song was called Wavin’ Flag, it’s the world cup song for soccer. Every time we went to performing arts we practiced it, but last time we went to performing arts we just made a poster for our song. We have been practicing for weeks now! It was really fun. Tom and Patrick from our grade were meant to be dancing with us but Patrick was sick and Tom has a sprained ankle, so that wasn’t so good. It also started raining and there was thunder and lightning. When we finished our dance it started to thunder, so Hailey just said god was clapping for us!

Harmony Day Dance!

Harmony DayOn the 21st of March Michelle, Nick, Max, Sasha Chantelle and I did an African dance in front of the whole school for Harmony day. It was originally supposed to be Patrick, Michelle, Tom, Nick, Max and I but Sasha and Chantelle filled in for Patrick because he was away and Tom because he fractured his foot. We did the dance to the song called Wavin’ Flag, It is the Soccer world cup song. We have been practising for weeks and it turned out really good and also as soon as we finished our dance there was a BIG clap of thunder! So I just said God clapped for us! 🙂



Today on the 21st  of March  Nick, Sasha, Chantelle, Michelle, Hailey and myself, did a African dance. We were 2nd after a Bollywood dance. When we were dancing there was a big thunder and lightning strikes, which really matched with our dance it was really cool. Overall I think our dance went really well. I’d like to thank Mr’s Old for letting our group do our dance. We all wish Tom could of done the dance but he unfortunately he sprained his foot doing soccer.

District Swimming

On the 3rd of March about four people from my class, and lots from other classes, went to doveton to participate in the district swimming event. We got there around 9:20am and the medaly rely’s would be starting at 9:50am, (I think.) my first event was around 10:30am though so I had to wait a while; I can really complain though because Eric, (someone else that went from my class) only had one event so he had to wait the whole day!

I was very nervous to begin my first event, and by the time I was up and ready to dive in, I had to go to the toilet! 😛 The gun sounded and I just dived in like my life depended on it, the next minute I was finished, thats how fast it went! I touched the wall, (the edge of the pool) came up and I saw one of the parent helpers coming my way, then she stopped at me and gave me a 3rd place card (I would have cheered except that I was too tired.)

I had a couple of other events, and I came 4th in butterfly, although there was only 3 other people I still felt good! My last event was the freestyle relay with Eric, Mathew, Grant and me. We ended up coming 4th, which was good, but I was also a tiny bit disapointed that I didnt get into divisional for any of my events though.

All up it was a great day and everyone swam their best!