Today on the 24th of February some girls from each grade 6 class went to Robogals and I was one of them.

We had to try and program our robot to go through this maze and if it went off the side it will fall off the cliff.

It was hard and challenging but because we didn’t have enough time, unfortunately I don’t think anyone did the whole thing. L But it was really fun and I was lucky because I filled in for someone who went home early so I went 2 years in a row because I did it last year as well in year 5! J

Weekend Recount

On Saturday
we went to see my mum in hospital and my little brother Daniel who is about 6
months old. At the hospital they let my mum go outside so we went to have some
lunch together which was really nice. Then we went back inside the hospital and
had a cuddle with Daniel then we left. Once we had come home from the hospital
one of my step Dads friends come over and his name was Deon he also stayed for
dinner and we had lots of fun. At about 9.00pm we saw fireworks at our house
from the Berwick show it was pretty cool. On Sunday me and my step dad cleared
out some things around the house and cleaned the house. In the afternoon we went
to the Berwick Show and it was so awesome. The rides that I went on were the
Hurricane, Tilt and the Cha Cha. My favourite ride was probably the Hurricane that
was pretty amazing. I had a great and wonderful weekend.

Chinese New Year Festival

On the  21st of February the whole school did a Chinese new year  festival  we were with are buddy’s. Everyone dressed in amazing costumes  , there were Chinese songs , And everyone  walked around showing of the creations some of the creations where lanterns , fans , dragons and a lot of more things. There was a girl called Kira did a Chinese proem. There was a lion , the people under the dragon was one of the school captains Ethan and this other guy.  After all we had all a good and fun time.

Chinese New Year

On Friday the 21st of February all of the kids at Berwick lodge Primary School celebrated Chinese New Year. All sorts of Chinese objects were made to show off in a parade. For the day the kids were asked to wear red. There was  loud music, Chinese outfits, Fans, Dragons, lions, and Chinese writing and they all looked epic. Firs the parade kicked off with my grade going around in a circle to show off some of the things we made. To continue everyone went in a circle to show off the things they have made.

Camp Quaility Puppet Show

On the 10th of February 2014 we had some very special visitors come to our school their names were Emily and Amy.  They did a puppet show for the whole school they were talking us about cancer. They were explaining to us that you cannot catch cancer it’s not a germ or like a cold it just happens  I learnt a lot of information about cancer and  I am glad that they came to our school. They also brought along with them some puppets there names where Dean, Kylie, Mel and lastly her Mum is was a very funny and entertaining I really enjoyed overall it was a great show.

Camp Quality

Today on the 10th of February, all of the grade 5\6’s went into the gym and we saw a puppet show, we all had a lot of fun, it was a fantastic performance, the main character was kylie, her best friend Mel and the boy Dean.
The whole act was about a little girl (Kylie) who has cancer and there’s a boy at school who is making fun of her because she has cancer.
The side effects of having cancer is weakness in her legs, not eating properly, losing weight fast, not sleeping properly, being grumpy, and even throwing up, but the worst side effect was losing all of her hair.
Kylie was being bullied by Dean because she looked different and a lot skinnier so she went to tell a teacher but her friend Mel comes and talks her into telling Dean that he hurt her feelings when he picked on her so she told Dean, so Dean invited Kylie to play basketball with him, so Kylie agreed and the basketball together until school started. THE END!

Camp Quality Puppets

Today on the 10th of February, all the grade 5/6’s had camp quality puppets. The characters names were Mel, Kylee, Dean. Kylee had cancer and she had to get chemotherapy and because the chemotherapy was so strong it made her hair fall out. You cannot catch cancer. Cancer is a disease that you cannot catch because cancer is not like having a cold or flu.
Dean was Kylee’s friend but Dean didn’t know that Kylee was sick and that she had cancer, in fact Dean didn’t even know what cancer was but he did after he made fun of Kylee. I enjoyed the puppet show it was interesting and there are things I have learnt in the puppet show that I forgot about.

Swimming Trials

One day some kids from BLPS went to Casey ark for some swimming trials. It is for a group of people who are good at swimming and are interested in being in a team. the heats contain 3 people and the aim is to get the fastest time you can get The first trial was the freestyle stroke and there was a lot of good swimmers in that race but I came last in my heat. Next there was backstroke  and I came 2nd in my heat and there were a lot of good people in that race too. At the end of the trials we had a bit of a play in the water and that was all.

Camp Quality Puppets

On February 10, 2014 we had the Camp Quality Puppets 2 women come to our school. They came to us to talk about cancer, the medicine and the side effects when people have to take the medicine. They were very entertaining and energetic and got there message about cancer clear through their performance. The characters throughout the performance were Kylie, she was the character that had the cancer and had just come back to school after being in hospital. Mel, she is Kylies crazy best friend in the performance telling her to stay positive. Dean, he is also kylie’s best friend. But he doesn’t quite know what Kylies situation is with cancer. Overall the presentation was really funny and you smile all the way through it. With their message being you can still laugh and smile when in a situation like Kylies.

Camp Quailty Puppets

Camp quality puppets


On the tenth of  February we had a puppet show it was held in the gym the grade 6’s and grade 5’s it was funny the puppets name were kylie, Mel and dean it was about cancer they told us a bit  about cancer and there was music we did a Mexican wave and  then they started the puppet show the was a girl who  just got out of hospital and she was so excited to see her friends she saw dean  she yelled his name he was like who and  what are you she said I’m kylie your friend what happened to you you’re so pale he started bulling her he went to play basketball she wanted to come he said no she was going to tell the teacher but her  friend mil talked to her kylie mil had to go do her homework kylie said wait I can’t do this myself  dean came she talked to dean about her cancer and they became friends.