cranbourne indoor centre and casey race

On the Friday the 13th we are on the way to the indoor centre we miss the first activity but we did the second one was kind of fun we did badminton then we went to volley ball it was fun then we walk to soccer. So we started to play the sores were 5-1 in their favour then we did dodge ball I was good at it I catch about 7 balls I did not get out yes then we walked too Casey race we had lunch We got into groups I was in 11 first we swim up and down we got out walked to the rafts I went down by myself it was so fun it was black and fun than we did a course on the water then we had free time  in the pool  then we walked to the next activity we had to put life savers on we had to jump in the pool fun and cool  we had free time then we stop we got change then got on to the bus I sit next to Indi  and trav indi was so funny and trav school Miss Morgan  started to hand out reports out.

Casey Race and Cranbourne Indoor Sports Centre

on Friday the thirteenth of December 2013 all grades from five to six went to Cranbourne indoor sports centre we got put into groups, I was with Trav that was the only person I wanted in my group  the first game we played was soccer it was alright because I got a goal. The next game was beach tennis witch was boring I only  got one shot. The  next game was nukem it was boring as well I only got like three shots. The next game was t ball  it was also boring. Then we walked over to Casey race and we ate our lunch then we got put into our groups then we started our rotations, our first rotation  we did some races and it was alright. Next we went and we made a whirl pool it was pretty fun. Then we got to go on the slides first I went on the space bowl it was awesome, then I went on the raft with Trav it was the best then we got told our time was up. Next we went to the float I waited in line for a bit but it was worth it, I finally got a shot they were pulling the float like crazy but I still made it was the best, I got another try and they pulled even harder and tried to get me off but I did it again. Next we went to the other pool and we had to pull each other out with a noodle it was boring. Next we went to an even smaller pool and we got free time it was ok. Then we got free time me and Trav new we weren’t going to get a shot so we just watched everybody go down the slides. Then we all had to cram into a small room and get changed it was annoying so I got dressed and I walked outside and they said we could eat I was relived. So I sat down eating my food waiting for my friends to get out when they came out we got on the bus. I sat behind Trav and next to Jesse it was fun. Then we got back to school we got our reports I couldn’t wait to open it I so wanted to know my grades but I had to wait until I got back to the car.

Orientation day

Orientation day

Yesterday the 10th of the 12 2013 I had orientation day, in the morning we met up in the leisure centre to find out what our home group was. 6 home groups had been called out then it was mine 7.7 Kenny, the people from my school I had was Logan, Ben, Kane, Blake Jayden, Shannon, Brodie and Suezan. We got taken to our maths class with Miss M she was nice, in maths we walked around the school looking for things such as the frost lockers. In our second period we had sport, our first game we had relays our team came second  then we play bridge rock tree our team came first. Our last game was a game were you have to through the ball to your team mate and they have to catch it we won that game. We had recess the sport teacher took us to the canteen before everyone  and I caught up with Trav and we walked around looking for our classes I found mine and then Trav found his, about ten minutes later the music and bell went so I went to science. In science we did three experiments the first one we had milk in a tiny plastic dish they told us to put a drop of  food die in the milk it looked like an eye ball, then they said one drop of detergent the food die spread to the sides of the dish. The next one we put one m&m in each corner of the tray but this tray had water in it, and about two minutes later the colour was in the water so we had to put a sugar cube in the middle and guess what the colour went to the sides. Next thing we did in science was watch our teacher pour liquids into other liquids and they would change colours. In our next period we had performing  arts with MR.B first we played the Simpsons game I was Bart it was pretty fun Logan was homer and of course he was the first one to go to Moe’s  tavern, then we walked to his room and there were students who could play the piano and guitar and clarinet. The first guy played a slow song on the piano it was good then the other guy played a fast one it was awesome, next the guy played the clarinet it was pretty good then the other guy played the guitar it was so awesome. Next the teacher to us to the canteen for lunch I meet up with Trav again and again we found our classes and this time it rain and you don’t let you in the classrooms we it rains so everybody crowded in the canteen  away from the rain, but me and Trav just stood out in the rain it was fun. then fifteen minutes later we went to our classes I had English, the first thing we did was play scatagories it was hard I only got 4/24 it was pretty fun next we had history we MR. slate he was nice, he gave us a sheet we had to right what we thought learning  history is for, then we had to rewrite a quote in our own words then he said he would take us down to the bus stop before the bell but I had to meet Trav at the canteen to give him back his pencil case I was so annoyed I thought I would have to walk up the big hill again, but he came down with his group I was so relived and like everyone I went home  that was my orientation day.