My super busy weekend…

On Saturday my brother had to get surgery on his index finger. He dislocated his finger really bad while playing basketball. After the operation, to make my brother feel better I made him cupcakes. My brother loves basketball so I made him basketball cupcakes. I had a vanilla cupcake with orange icing and chocolate icing for the lines on the basketball.

On Sunday I had a netball tournament. I had Monique, Ella, Madi (not the one from our grade), Caitlyn (also not the one from our grade), Fiona, Emily, Teegan and Amy (not the one in our grade.) We lost five games and won two but the game that decided if we were going to be in the finals was really close (3-2 in other teams favour.)

I had a really busy weekend but a really fun one too.


Saturday’s Netball Game ( Yay)

On Saturday the 9th of November 2013 Tanisha, my netball team (Pulse) and I played a tough and exciting netball game. We versed Lynbrook Stingers. We had versed them before the first time they beat us, the second time we beat them and the third time we drew with them. This was our fourth time versing Lynbrook Stingers and we beat them by a few points. The first quater I was in Goal Keeper, the second quater I was in Goal Defence, the Third quater I was Goal Shooter but came off for the rest of the game because I had pulled a bit of my muscle on the left side of my arm. It hurts still but I’m alright. No need to worry Grade 6M I’m fine.

Guess What… We made it to the finals and going to verse Sahra again…
Goal Eagles Pulse is fourth on the ladder. The good news is that my team and Tanisha are playing in a netball tournament on Sunday The 17th of November 2013. Congratulattions Sahra on making it to the finals for Saturdays netball.Wish you all the best.

Harlem Globetrotters 2

Here are the photos of my ball and poster.

Harlem Globetrotters

Today (3rd of November) I went to see the amazing  Harlem Globetrotters!  All my favorites were there Big Easy, Cheese, Dizzy, Stretch and Moose. Stretch is 7″4(7 foot 4 Inches)!!!!. I bought a Harlem Globetrotters basketball and a program. In the program there was a poster and I got it signed by all the players. And who can forget MOOSE,  he will make an appearance in my pictures soon.


JD signing off