School Fete

Last friday, the 25th of October Berwick Lodge had a fete. It went from 3:30 to 8:30. After lunch I helped out with the other school captains to get the fete ready. We helped by taking tables out, bringing boxes and lots more. At 3:30 the school captains had a radio show and we also have a radio show at 8:00. After the radio, I went to look at the Art. There was some amazing art work. I entered a piece of artwork, mine was a frame with shells on it. After that I went to the court yard and walked around the school. The fete was amazing!

I enjoyed the fete heaps, and I think they should do heaps more!


Sahra Out!

Amy’s Weekend

On my weekend that just went past I had 3 of my friends come over on Saturday night for a sleepover. We went on the trampoline for about 6 hours and ate a lot of food. We also were playing on the Xbox 360 Kinect at about 2:30am and we got into trouble in the morning because we were to loud anmd trhe rest of my family were trying to sleep.

I also had cheerleading practice for 4 and a half hours on Sunday with my best friend Crystal. I had a lot of fun on the weekend.

my weekend

on friday i went to jb-hi-fi and bought fast and furious 6 and fast and the furious,I was so happy i went home and watched it. the next day travis came over and we watched it agian it was fun we walked to the milk bar and it started to rain so my mum picked us up.We were a bit dissapointed but in 20 minuites the rain stopped and my mum drove us it aws fun.


My two weeks of holidays

On the first week of my holidays, I had neetball tryouts.

We had to meet down on the court at 5:00 and we got to train with girls we haven’t met before, then we got to get into the team we would be playing in for the season.

I was put in a team with a couple of girls I have played with before, and I am happy to  be palying with them,  I am sad about not playing with Alyssa, Claudia, Dana and Sam but I have my other girls.

On Sunday the 6th Alyssa and I went to our netball presentation.

We met up with all our girls and we got a seat for the presentation to start.

Our team got called out last and we went up and got our certificates and star plaques and then the trophes were handed out.

Alyssa got all the trophes, Best and Fariest, Best player of the finals. and all the rest.

Hope you had a wonderful holiday:)


All I did on the Hoildays was stayed up all night eating chocolate with my friends.:) Yummy. During thre night we played some games. Marko Polo and charades.

Out of all of us Viki ate the most chocolate lol!!!

In the morning we got up at about 7:30 we went for a walk to the school we went on the prep’s playground and played follow the leader!! hahaha don’t ask why (Viki’s idea)


My holidays

On the first days of i went to watch turbo at village cinema i liked the movie but it felt like it was going on forever the rest of that week all i did was play on my playstation 3 on my favourite game mw3 .I didn’t do much but my holiday was quite fun ( egsept when my mum gave me a maths sheet that took me a  hour!)that was my holiday what was yours like…? 


On Saturday my team the Berwick Bulls faced the Outlaws in the C2 division Semi-Finals. overall the scores were 37-32 in Outlaws Favour. I scored 11 points and our yeam took the loss with pride.

NBA 2K14 with Seb, Keenan and Luke

On Saturday, the 5th of October; Keenan, Seb, Luke and I played NBA 2K14. The first game was Seb and I playing as Miami Heat and Luke and Keenan as OKC Thunder. We won by about 5 points due to Luke not passing the ball frequently. The second game was Golden State against Knicks and Luke and I were Golden State. Although Luke struggled to get one assist, we still won by heaps. Keenan hit the riggest shot ever. It was a full court shot with Serge Ibaka.

My Holiday…

was awesome! I saw Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters and Gravity in 3D at the cinemas. I liked Percy Jackson and I sort of like Gravity but it was a bit creepy at the start. I also went to a couple of art studios with Victoria and Mrs Mcleod. Here is a post on it. On the 25th of September I went to the thousand steps. It was my familys first time going there and I really enjoyed it.  The next day I had a 6 hour netball training with Monique so I was really tired after that.

My holidays were not how I planned but I enjoyed them more than last holidays!

Tanisha Out!