Yarra Valley Open Studios…

On the 22nd of September I went to the Yarra Valley Open Studios. I went with Mrs McLeod, Victoria, Karen, my brother and my Mum.

We all met up at Berwick Lodge at 10 o’ clock. When everyone arrived we set off to Healesville were the first artists studio was. The drive took forty-five minutes.

The first gallery we visited was Mim Kocher who was a sculptor and painter. I especially liked her sculptured people which she made out of magi-clay.

The second gallery we visited was mosaic artist Sandy Peeters and wood carver Josef Peeters. I loved how Sandy and Josef both used recyclable materials for their artwork.

After looking at Sandy and Josef’s gallery it was about lunch time so we went to a picnic area and had a picnic. Connor, Victoria and I were very lucky to get some money from Mrs McLeod to buy an ice cream at the ice cream shop. I got rainbow bubblegum, Victoria got honeycomb and Connor got Mint.

Next we headed to our last art gallery which was Beverly Mann’s who does textiles. She prints gum leaves on material squares which she then puts on clothing.

Overall, I had an awesome day and got some great ideas from the galleries!

Here are a few snaps I took on the day:

Tanisha Out!

Film Festival: Explosions!

Yesturday, the 16th of September, The whole 5/6 area had Film Festival. I had to dress up in ridiculousely fancy clothes ( For me ūüėÄ ), which I was not very fond of. When we got there, the doors were closed and a few other people were there, so we had to wait in the rain. When the doors finaly opened, we were all wet and walked in that way.

When the red carpet finally ended, everyone went into the theatre. A few speaches were givin before the lights dimmed and the festival had begun. The first movie to be seen was “Zero”. It was about the number ‘Zero’, that felt left out. It was an interresting movie, though I didnt really find it audible. Then there was a moive about a space game that a number of kids were sucked into. It was a really interresting concept. Then the first video arrived, “The Bus Stops Here”. It was really well made and had a nice moral. It was about a creek that Ms Tappy fell into and he needed to remember C.P.R. Then there was a number of movies following, but we’d be here forever if I listed them all :P. The first 6M movie to be viewed was “The Invisible Virus”. There were lots of laughs and


Film Festival…

On the 16th of September our 5/6 area had our Film Festival. The Film festival is when the grade 5’s make photo stories and the grade 6’s make films to show at the Film festival held at the Drum Theatre. Everyone gets really fancy and walks the red carpet. The movie that I was in was called ‘The invisible virus’ where everyone in 6M is disappering in role order. I¬†go a trophy for editing¬†that movie with Subhashini. Overall, I had one awesome night to remember forever!

Here is what I looked like:

Tanisha Out!

Film Festival

Last night we had film festival and we had to be there 6:30-7:00 but before went to film festival my family and I went to my nonna’s house by the way its my dad’s mum. My Nonna is Italian so she makes alot of pasta (I love my Nonna’s Pasta )Everytime i go to her house it always pasta.Anyway we had dinner there because they live in¬†Dandenong and the drum threatre is around the conor ūüôā

We left at 6:20 when we got there my mum and sister and i were walking down the red carpet all i could see is lights flashing on and off then i headed striaght to Victoria. She looked gorgeous. when it was about 7:15 we were sitting in the threatre and Miss Nasmith¬† Did a speech and then we watched the films and photos when we were finished they annouced the awards (Trophies) In Our grade it was Jackson and Ben Joyce for the film “The boy with the golden shoes” And Tanisha and Subhashini for the film “The Invisable Virus”


Film Festival

On Moday the 16th of September, 2013, all the grade fives and sixes were invited to the Drum Theature to view our picture stories and movies. I directed a movie known as The Boy with the Golden Shoes simply because I wrote the story line/ script. When I wrote the original story, I had a clear picture in my head of what the movie was going to be like. Since there was a contribution within the 6M classroom, things changed. Some made the movie better, some made the movie different. I’d like to congradulate the trophy winners: Jackson, Subhashini, Ben J and Tanisha because it takes massive contribution to win these awards. Everyone looked really good in their fancy clothes. I’d like to thank Mrs. Morgan for filming our 80% of our film, Jackson and Ben J for editing, Ben H for holding the microphone and anyone who was acting in my movie.





Film Festival

On Monday the 16th of September the grade 5/6s had their film festival. This is a night where you get dressed up and you watch films and photo stories that the grade 5s and 6s had made.

I am in grade 6M and our films are the boy with the golden shoes and TIV ( the invisible vires ). All of the other grades films where so good and I would haply see them again.

We got to walk the red carpet and get our photos taken.

When we got seated we saw the film trailer  and Mrs Nesmith stood up and told us about what we were going to do and a bit about the movie then the school captains stood up and did a speech. I thought that the speech was amazing.  The night was fun and I wish that I was going to be at this school next year so I can go again.

This is a photo of me all dressed up.

Film Festival!

On Monday the 16th of September we went to the 2013 Berwick Lodge Film Festival at the Drum Theatre. I went with my mum and my family friend at school. It was raining but we made inside alive. we walked the red carpet and took photos holding a tropy in our hands. I waited for all my friends and when they came we took photos. I took a photo with Abbey and Tanisha. Soon it was time to take our seats. We all came dressed up

We all were seated and our teacher Mrs Naismith cam up and gave a speech and read a letter from Mr Whitehead who was on holiday. Then the school captains Keenan, Brodie, Sahra and Luke. Then the movies started. The grade 5 grades did Photo stories and the Grade 6 did real movies. I did not like my part and do not blame for I looked stupid but everyone else was amazing.

After that we handed out trophies and Tanisha, Subhashni, Ben J and Jackson got a trophy. Keean, Alyssa, Indi, Seb, Travis and Jarrod got certificates.

Then we left the theatre as it ended in a great night