What is Sustainable Living?


Sustainable living is a lifestyle where you use little amount of resources as possible so the enviroment will become less ‘damaged.’ Having a ‘sustainable lifestyle’ because it will leave our future generation with less enviromental problems to deal with.

Having a sustainable lifestyle doesn’t have to be expensive or hard. For example, is it that hard to put your rubbish in the bin? It will only take you a few seconds. If we all make small changes it can make a big difference to our environment.

Here are some ways to make your everyday life more sustainable:

  • The obvious one (don’t litter)
  • Make sure your dishwasher is full before running it
  • Take shorter showers
  • Always turn off lights when you leave the room
  • Bring your own bag when visiting stores or supermarkets
  • After a bath, get a bucket and fill it with all of the water and use it to water your garden
  • Switch to cloth napkins
  • If you have your lunch in a plastic lock-zip bag don’t throw it out give it to your Mum to wash, so you can reuse it.
  • Turn things off at the power point when you are not using it
  • Rug up in Winter instead of putting the heater on

Tanisha out!

P.S If you have more ways to save our environment please comment me them.


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Book project EXPO

On Thursday we had our book project expo and we went in group’s.  My group left me behind and I walked to other classrooms.  Then I found them I said ” thank for leaveing me behind ” then jackson said ” that okey ” then I went to Miss Nasmith room. I sign some papers and they say “thank you and have a nice day”. When I got back to my class their was a lot of signs of my poster on my piece of paper.

Book Project Expo

On Thursday all of the grad 5 and 6s had a book showbag expo.

We all had to make a show bag on our favourite book. As you can see I did the first Harry Potter.

It was a lot of fun. this photo shows what I did. we only had 5 weeks to do 6 tasks.

I hope you like it it took us a long time to do.



On Saturday I played basketball against the Berwick Hornets. We lost 27-28. There was some foul play and an elbow to someones face. I scored 7 points and was only on for half the game.

Boy with the Golden Shoes

me and the directior of boy with the golden shoes.

we have had a lot of fun filming this term this movie will be called boy with the golden shoes you can only see at the 2013 berwick lodge film festival. it is about a boy who finds a safe with gold in it the gold turns into shoes can he resist the shoes or will they take over his mind.

Book Character Dress Up Day!

On the 23rd Of August 2013, Berwick Lodge Primary School had a Book Character Dress Up Day.

I dressed up as a Dork from Dork Diaries, I really like reading Dork Diaries i have finshed reading all the books.

I look a bit wierd but dorks are supposed to look wierd and wear odd clothes! LOL

We had a Parade so we missed out on our sport lesson cause it was so wet on the Basketball, but at least we didnt have to do work we got to watch everyone from Prep to grade 6!

At assembly yesterday i got an award for best dressed in my grade and also my friend Victoria got one too, Victoria dressed up as Harry Potter.

I hope everyone had a good day!!

Thanks everyone from JSC



Book Show Bag Expo!

On Thursday the 22nd of August, the 5/6 classes held their hard work completing the Book Show Bag Project. At 2:30 we started preparing  for the expo, getting out our show bag, setting up our small parts that added up to finishing our Show Bag. My book was Harry potter and the Philosper’s Stone. We had to completet a lot of activities to get it all finished. We each got a sheet where people could comment. When people started arriving we headed off. I hope people liked my show bag. Before the Expo we had a classmate evaluate our Show Bag. Viki did mine and here is a picture of it.