Robogals Workshop…

Today Madi,Subhashini, Victoria and I went to the BER Building . At the workshop there were students from Melbourne University come to speak to us about  different  things to do with Robots.

There were different structures. They were Civil structures ,Mechtronic structure,Chemical structure,electrical structure and other types of structures.

We had to pair up in a group of three to play with the robots. I was with Victoria and Subhashini.

We first went to the computer to tell it what to do, but first we had to name the file we were going to put the instructions. We named it MonSubVic. So the first thing we did was make the robot do two doughnuts. It was so much fun!!!!

Then we had a challenge wehad two make the robt go in the square  with only using loop and 2 movment thingis.Then we got to use the light and tryed it on the table and it went forwards and backwardson the table. The light conducts the robot from falling down and braking. when it finds a dark spot it moves backwards.

It was so  much fun that I want to do it agian. there is a competion online so if any of you girls want to compete go on eneter now .



Today, Thursday the 25th of July some grade 5/6  went to the BER building to learn how to use the new robots Mrs Rappinett bought with the Earn and learn stickers from Woolworths.

Mrs Rappinett gave us some morning tea and then we got started. Firstly the guy went through a PowerPoint with us about Engineering and asked us questions about what does mean Engineering.

After he talked to us about that, he showed us how to use the program that runs the robots and how to make it do really cool things. My partners were Olivia and Brooke and we had trouble at start but then we got the hang of it.

We also got to put a display on it and make it talk, I enjoyed it and was very happy I got chosen. I  learnt lots of new things today.

Madi signing Out 🙂

Robogals Workshop

Today four girls from the grade 5 and 6 area went to a Robogals  activity in the BER building. We got to learn about sceientists and manufacturers. Then we got to program a robot to to stop when it sees dark and do 360s.

We also saw a slide show about Chemical, Mechtronics and electrical struture. I thought that it was good and fun field.

By Victoria

My Weekend

On the weekend i stayed in my pyjamas all day i was messageing my friend in england and watched soccer Manchester United ( i go for this team) VS A-League All Stars the final score was 5-1 to Manchester United.Sunday came quick and i was going with my dad to our friends house to get his haircut i went to fix my friends ipods after i did that we played ps3 driver San Francisco after that we played Xbox 360 playing Fifa 13 i was Real Madrid thats what i did on my weekend 🙂 what did  you do?


On Saturday I had a game of basketball and my team and I vs DBYC.They won by 6 points .My team is second on the ladder.We were very unhappy because it is the first time we lost in ages.

Close Game

On the weekend two days ago, I played Football on the Sunday against Seb’s team, Narre Black. It was a really close game the whole way through, but close to the end the other team pulled away and ended up winning by eight points, Which was great but annoying beacuase it was Seb’s team, and they were first on the ladder and we were last. There was also a lot of dirty play and words coming from both teams (mostly narre black).

After the game I sat at home and did nothing.


On sunday I had a game of football and we were up against narre warren south lions They were first on the ladder and we were second. They were winning for the whole game and we came back and won Because we kicked a goal with 1 minute to go and we got in front. we won by 2 boints and we all sprinted on the ground and celebrated by jumping on each other.

My Weekend

on my weekend I went to my grandma’s house and played with her. On Sunday I went to play north Dandenong we went to play as hard as we ca but we lost by 20 points we were disappointed but thats football.


On sunday I went to the football to see Richmond defeat Fremantle by 28 points. When I came back from the footy I accidently broke my Ipad screen and got in HUGE trouble.