On Wednesday the 26th of June Kevin Rudd was voted in to the labour party. The votes were Kevin Rudd 57 to Julia Gillard 45.His presador Julia Gillard has declared she is quiting politics. The majority of the Australian community were very pleased that Kevin Rudd has taken over in the labour party as many citizens had the opinion that Julia Gillard was doing  a horrible job of running our country. Kevin Rudd will now contest Tony Abbot in the federal election for the honour and responsibility that will come with the role of being the prime minister.

Camp Coonawarra

On Wednesday the 19th of June, grade 6M, 6T, 5G and 5W all went to Camp Coonawarra, we had to be there by 8:OOam because it was a 3 hour drive.

We stopped at 10:00 am to have a snacks, then got back on the bus when we got our camp booklets. In my cabin I had Amy, Sahra, Madi, Shannen, Osuni, and Haley-Jane, and in my activite group I had Amy, Sahra, Tanisha, Luke, Jarryd, Corey, Ben J, and more but I cant remeber group 2!

We finally got there and we put our bags in our rooms, I was in room 13 and we dropped our bags off and went out side for our first activtie, I have ropes and it was really fun because it was really high and fun. The next activies I had was Horse Ridding, I didnt do it because I have a fear of horses but I had fun doing other stuff.

Sorry I cant finish now I will later BYE!!!!!!!! 🙂



On wendesday the 19th of June 6T,6M,5W and 5G went to camp coonawarra.

There were lots of fun activities like the flying fox, the giant swing, canoeing and my favourite of all horse riding.

I rode a horse named Rango and he was the fastest horse out of them all.

Basketball on saturday

On saturday at 1:30pm it was my basketball match.We were versing Outlaws .We were winning by 15 points.The scores were 0-15 in our favour when  finally outlaws got their first goal.They were jumping everywhere.The ball hardly when on the other side of the  court were the outlaws were shooting.At the end the scores were 4 to 30 in our favour.I got four goals.My team is now 4th or 5th on the ladder.

5/6 Camp Coonawarra

On Wednesday the 19th of June 6M, 6T, 5G and 5W went to Camp Coonawarra for 3 days of glory,” I say glory because I got away from school for three days and also my family as well”. I arrived at school at 8:00 am sharp because that was the time we had to be there so we could leave at 8:30 I got my name ticked off and sat down next to Keenan and Luke. We talked for about 25 minutes before we left to go to the bus, I sat next to Keenan with Luke at the back of me.

We started to watch a movie called “Bugs Life” I guess it’s an alright movie, but I didn’t watch much because I was talking the whole trip to Coonawarra. We had a little stop so we could go to the toilet and eat our recess. As minutes went by I sat in my seat, it felt like a blank moment but when we got there I remembered what I was doing. When we stopped at Coonawarra everyone had to sit down and have our lunch, we all met a women called Teagen and she told us that  we had to make our beds and get ready for the first activity which for me was Orienteering  which was sort of fun but we had a break to play Ping Pong and also Basketball.

Our second activity was the Giant Swing it was really muddy there so I stayed clean as possible, when my group finished I went to my Cabin which was number 4 I had a little rest and woke up just in time for dinner. I honestly don’t remember what we had for dinner but I enjoyed it, When I went to my cabin we had to get ready for a camp fire I had a great first day.

On the second day of Camp Coonawarra we had breakfast at 8:00 am which was very boring and tiring, when I finished my breakfast we had to go back to our cabins and get ready for our first activity for the day which was canoeing. I got wet because Jarrod and I wanted to, my second activity was the Flying Fox which was fun and exciting. My third activity was archery that was good but I went to play Basketball, my last activity was the high ropes course which was shakey I still liked it anyway. We had dinner and then went for a night hike which was boring for every second.

On the last day of Camp Coonawarra we had to pack our bags before breakfast, we had a good breakfast like every other day. We got on the bus but Keenan sat next to Luke so I didn’t have a spot next to them but then Amy offered me a spot next to her so I gladly accepted because it was close to Keenan, Luke, Amy, Caitlin and Madi. We got back to school and my dad was waiting for my arrival so we could go toy football game straight after, my team won by 19 points to calm first on the ladder and our 10th straight win.


5/6 Camp Coonawarra

So the day has finally arrived, do you want to know what is tommorrow well we grade 6M are heading of to camp Coonawarra with grade 5G, 5W and grade 6T. When we get on the bus we get our camp booklets and why is everyone so excited beacuse we find out who is in our cabin and our Activity group. It takes 3 hours to get to the Camp, we stop for about 20 minutes at a park were we can have our snack and go to the toilet now tthis 20 minutes dosent include the 20 minute break.

Now we need to be at school by 8:00 am beacuse we will be leaving at 8:30am, we leave our suit cases out in the court yard against the wall so the bus drives can load it up so were ready to leave. On the way I am sitting next to my Best Friend Caitlin Binning 😮

We are going to camp for 3 days and the activites we are doing ( By the way this is what i know?) Giant Swing, Flying fox, Canoeing, Horse riding ( optional only if you paid for it) and there is Archery and lots more exciting things to look forward for!!

Here we come Camp Coonawarra

Madi signing Out 🙂

My Weekend- Netball Game

On Saturday I went to the Cranbourne Indoor Sports Centre for my netball game against Narre Warren. My team is called  Gold Eagles Pulse. The game was really hard but also easy.

In the first& second quarter I played as Goal Defence. I got the ball a lot of times because the Goal Attack wasn’t in front of me and I’d stayed with her the whole time and I pretty much got all the intercepts.

In the third and fourth quarter I played as Goal Shooter and I was on fire! (Really I was) with shooting loads of goals with out having to get the rebound. I also shot  from a really fair distance and got the goal in.  At the end of the game my team shook hands with the Narre Warren team.

The scores were 13- 14 in the Gold Eagles Pulse’s favor.These are the people in my team. We have also got a new person named Ebony.( Not from last year)

Alisha W
Crystal L
Emily M
Jenny N
Kate C
Lexi B
Tanisha D







On Sunday I played football against Noble Park, it was fun to play on the day because it was wet and muddy. In the first quarter I played in the ruck, the second I played across half foward and kicked 1 goal, in the third quarter I played full back that was probably my best quarter and in the last quarter I played half back, I leaded my team to a 56 point win and the 9th straight win. I had a good weekend after all.


Tomorrow Some of the grad % and ^s are going to camp Coonawarra. I am so exited but we have to be at school early.

At the camp there is a flying fox, high and low ropes, giant swing, canoeing and so mush more.

Some people are going horse riding. It is a trail ride in the bush.