Open Night!

On Wednesday the 22nd of May, my Radio Show group did a special edition one on our Berwick Lodge Open Night. It was really fun and exciting. I did it with Jckson, Indi and Ben.H. We muddled up at times but it was sure worth it.

Sadly, Viki could not make it so we had to go on without her. We did our exact one that we did a few weeks ago on live Radio except that we had to cut a few bits out.

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District Cross Country

District Cross Country
On Monday the 20th of May we did our district cross country. It was a very wet and muddy day which made it a bit more tough and tiring against the 8 other schools. The first race was the 9/10 boys and from our school Daniel finished 2nd . Next was the 9/10 girls and there were no place takers. The next races were the under 11 but they went the wrong way so they had to go last. Next the under 11 girls Tara came 1st , Brodie came 6th and Jasmine came 7th. Next was the under 12/13 boys and that was my race and know one got in the top 10 but I came 32nd. After my race it was the under 12/13 girls and know one got in that one either. The last one was the under 11 boys and Indi came 3rd , Billy finished 6th , Sam came 7th and 10th was Kavian I was very happy with what place I came.


On Monday the 20th of May we had our district Cross Country. It was a tough and tiring run against the other 8 Schools. The first race was the 9/10 year old boys. From our school Daniel came 2nd .The next race was the 9/10 year old girls. There was no people from our school who got through to divisional. After that It was the 11 year old boys and they had to go last because they were all disqualified. Then after that it was the 11 year old girls and 1st was Tara ,6th was brodie and 7th was Jasmine. Finally It was My race 12/13 boys and I came 66th and I do not care I just wanted to finish. It was the 12/13 year old girls and no one came under 10th. Finally It was the 11 year old boys and Indi came 3rd .He was the only one from our class going to district. Finally It was over but I was still proud of myself.

distric cross country

    district  Cross Country

On may the 20th my school had district cross country ,it was a tough and wet day everyone did a good job.

The first race was the 10 year old boys the place getters were Daniel with 2nd   place . The next race was 10 year old girl’s  there  was only 1 place getters her name was Nehal.

 After that it was 11 year old boys we all were disqualified so we all had to do it again later. Next it was 11 year old girls the place getters were Tara she came 1st place  brodie  6th yasmin 7th.

The next was 12/13 year old boys there were no place getters either. After that it was 12/13 year old girls as well no place getters.

Finally it was my race 11 year old boys again the place getters were me 3rd place billy 6th place Sam 7th place and kavaian 10 place. That was pretty much the day except kicking the footy in between .


My Weekend

On the weekend I went out for luch with my nana, and grandad and also my Untie and Uncle, and I can’t forget my little cousin Zara. We went to Slippery Jacks, which sound weied but is really nice plae, there was a kids place were you can go in and watch movies or plays game, read book and just have lost of fun, but my cousin is only 3 so instead of watching a good movie we watched barbie, i got bored so easily.

Finally our lunch came out and we went too our table, i got the chicken Pama, and it was amazing.

but staright after that we went into the kids room to watch barbie again, there was another little girl so Zara annd i think her name was Amanda, well they came really good friends, so i got to watch my movie, yayay.

My sister had soccer so thats why i went out to lunch with my family, and after lunch i went back to my nana’s hows to do soe craft, she has liike a hole shop, were you can do anything you want and make anything you want, i made a girrafe and it was so adorable, he’s name was Gezza, i had amazing time.

Coal creek Park and Museum…

On Wednesday the 8th of May, the grade  fives and sixes went to Coal Creek Park and Museum. This excursion was to tell us more about Australian History.

Frist we had a long bus ride which took around two hours. On the bus, I saw some beautiful sights. After that, we had recess. We had to put our bags in a train, that was not moving, which reminded me about the Hogwarts Express from Harry Potter. After that we went down to top station where we had a train ride all the way back to top station. The train was slow at first and then it went a little faster. I sat down with all my friends and we had a chat while admiring the view. I also saw an emu. Next we went to the general store, where we could spend $10 on whatever we wanted. I didn’t buy anything but my friends brought lollies and they shared some with me. Then we went to the train where we put our things in, so everyone could put away the things that they bought.

After that the tour guide took us around. Frist we went to the Butter and cream factory where we learnt about what life as a dairy farmer would be like. After that we went to the barber’s and the shops around it. We also went to the courtroom.  After that we had an education session, we went down to an old, English school. We learnt a lot of things there. We learnt about old handwriting, punishments, life as a child and much more. I like the whole lesson but I liked the part when the girls got to leave and arrive first! Then we had lunch. After that we went to the courtroom to film a bit for film festival.  Finally, it was the end of the day and we went back to the bus.

I had a great day at Coal Creek Park and Museum. I learnt a lot of things about the olden days!

-By Subhashini 

Coal Creek

Coal Creek Excursion

On the 8th of May grade 5/6 went to Coal Creek in Korumburra. 6M had the tram ride first but to start with I’ll talk about the bus ride and the train. The bus trip took 1 hour and a bit. When we arrived we put our stuff on a train that did not move. Then as I said we went down to the platform and while we waited we looked for some coal also the lady showed us a layer of coal which was all in a line and there was heaps. We ended up going doing a whole lap and seeing some animals. After the tram ride we pretty much just had the general store where I bought lollies some coal and a boomerang. We also had a guided tour as well but after that we ate lunch and got back on the bus for the ride home.

Coal Creek

Last Wednesday, the 8th of May 2013, all of the grade 5’s to 6’s went on an excursion to Coal Creek. It was really well built and all the buildings and places were re-created to make it look like we were living in the 1900 hundreds with really old things. When we finally arrived after a long bus trip, we had our snack, moved into our groups and put all our stuff on a train that looked a little like the train from ‘Harry potter’. Once we had all finished our snack we went on a really slow but interesting train ride. It showed off all the buildings and animals and hills. After the train ride we went to a school that was like the ones that a child from the 1900 hundreds. I quickly learnt that the rules for school were a lot stricter then in modern time. They used the Cain as a usual punishment and they had to write with ink pens which is harder than you might think. After the session of ‘school ‘ we had our lunch and then quickly after, went to the gift shop and bought some stuff. I bought, Raspberry drops and a train whistle that I had a little too much fun with. Then we got some filming done for our film festival in the old court they had. Luke was the judge, Ben and Jackson were the Lawyers, Leighton and I were the police and Travis and Indi were the defendants. After we got our filming done, we got back into our classes and got onto the bus for another long ride home. Coal Creek was awesome and I learnt a lot of new things

Coal creek

Last wednesday we went on an excursion to coal creek. It took an hour and a quarter to get there but as soon as we got there we saw a building that said coal creek on it so I thought that the building was the whole of coal creek until we went out the back of the building to realise that it was a whole old fasion town. Our first activity was a train ride after eating our snack. after the train ride we walked over to the genral store were there were some merchindsise and lollies to buy so I bought two jars of lollies, one jar of rasberry dr0ps and another jar of musk drops. After that we went t a few closed shops and then we did some filming in the courthouse for film festival. IT WAS A GREAT EXCURSOIN!!!!!!!!!! 

Coal Creek

on Wednesday The grade 5/6 went to coal creek it was fun. When we got there we ate snack and put our bags on a Train that use to move now it doesn’t. After we ate our snack we went on a train that only went 3 KPH it was slow and we saw coal and collected it and then we got lollies I didnt bring money because I forgot. Then we got a tour of a cream and butter maker, A barber shop and a boot maker. After that we did filming because there was no tours left for us to do at the time so me filmed then ate lunch and we saw a skink when we were eating lunch. then we got a tour of what a class would be like in the 1900