Radio Show…

On Wednesday the 24th of April I had my Radio show. I was leader of The A Team Radio Show and I was with Ben, Subhashini, Sebastian and Victoria. At our school Grade fives and Grade sixes have a great opportunity to make a Radio Show.  We get to make riffs, have debates, have a quiz, talk about books, make playlists and much more. I love Radio Show! If you would like to listen to Berwick Lodge Radio Station it is on 97.7 f.m. Casey Radio wich is on every second Wednesday at around 2.00 p.m to 3.00. The next Radio group is on the 8th of May.

Tanisha Out!

My Weekend

On Saturday, I normaly have alot of sport but I did something with my hamstring so it hurt to run, so I missed out on my usual basket-ball and tennis. I was bored the whole weekend. I watched movies, went to my neighbours house, and that was pretty my it for Saturday. But on Sunday my leg was feeling alot better so I tried to play footy. Our team won 62-37. It was a fun, and very challenging, match.

After that i did what i did on Saturday. Nothing. I had a lazy weekend.