athletics day

On wensday the twentyth of march we had house aths it was very fun,wilson won on the day every body had a great time . there were 8 events sprints, hurdles,shot put,discus,vortex,realay, long jump and high jump.   ps iam the one  with the hat / awesomeness.


On the 15th of march all the grade fives and sixes went on an excursion to science works and the planeterium. It was a great day. Some of my highlights where the sport sections and the movie in the planeterium

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Hospital Day…

On the 18th of March, we had hospital day. I dressed up as a patient, I came in my pj’s. I also had a sling and a ban-aid on my head. We raised a lot of money for the Royal Childrens Hospital. It was a great day.

Above is  a picture of me on Hospital Day!

Bye, Subhashini

Asian Expo

On the 26th of March 2013 the grade 3 to 6 did asian countrys .It started at 2:30 and finished at4:30.Everyone made powerpoints and posters.Our grade did Malaysia.My friend Jackson and I made a poster based on facts.We put the highest Mountain in Malaysia , we did about Orang-utangs and more facts.Before the Aisan Expo day we made passports so the teachers know we went to all the places.My favourie place was china where they had competions.Everyone did a Fantastic job. Jackson and Ryan’s poster



Asian Expo Day

On the 26thof March 2013, we had a fun afternoon having our Asian Expo Day. All years 3’s to 6s had a different country to study and present posters and power points and everything else to do with their country. Our class 6M had Malaysia so everyone in our class had something to do for Malaysia. I was in a group with Amy so everyone had a topic and our topic was Location. Some of my friends also had facts, clothing , food, population,  and many more. For the first half of the Expo Day I was in the classroom presenting our class work we did with my friends.  The other half of the class went out and looked at all the classes. When I went out I was amazed by all the work everyone did in their classes . I especially liked Miss Tans room because they were very organised and they were all dressed in blue, they also were playing drums.  I had a great Expo day!


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