3Ms Scarecrow

3M made a scarecrow that was made out of recycled pots, pipes and old fabric. We all enjoyed doing our different jobs .One job was tying the fabric on the scare crow and the other job was tying the fabric together. Nicole Andy Jemma and Pete helped . We all enjoyed making our scarecrow.

How We Made Our Scarecrow

On Friday the 27th of November the whole school started to make a class scarecrow.

My job that I wanted to do and I did do was to cut up strips of clothes for the scarecrow.

it seemed like it would be boring but really it was actually fun.

Because at the end we got to tie the strips together to put them on the scarecrow.

The other group got to put the plastic pots on the scarecrow

and also got to tie the strips on at the end to.

3M’s Scarecrow

On Friday the 27th of November we started to do our scarecrow. There were two teams one team was inside cutting up fabric and the other team was building the scarecrow. The people inside that were cutting came outside and everyone helped to tie the strips of fabric on the scarecrow.

3M scarecrow making

On Friday the 27th Of November straight  after lunch Daisy’s mum came to help us to make our  scarecrow .  First I had  to do is clean out the pots and then I got a little cold  so I went  inside to help the others with cutting strips of different fabrics.  I enjoyed it.

How We Made The Scarecrow

On Friday the 11th of December Berwick lodge is having a twilight picnic where there is a scarecrow competition.  Where all the parents vote for the best scarecrow. Who will win. We made the scarecrow with pots, bamboo and ribbon. We put the bamboo together then we put the pots on then we tied the ribbon on. And that how we made the scarecrow.

How we built the Scarecrow

Grade 3M started to build the scarecrow out of pipes, pots and cut up strips of clothing and fabric.

First we put the pots on the pipes while inside some of the grade were cutting clothing and fabric into strips.Then we had to tie 2 pieces of fabric together. I had lots of fun.